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I had created the Simple Instant Company with a group of students, and myself while we were still at the University of Paris 8; we were twelve nationalities represented in us we asked the question: What is theater? What is this art that distinguishes us, by the various practices of the members of the group (Katakali, Kabouki, Comedia del arte, Jugju, Kotéba ...) and at the same time brings us together? The show was then like a fire that devours us from within and changes us forever, it must have been this moment that destabilizes the opponent and allows him to be dealt a mortal blow. In Auvergne since 2012, the company is still trying to light a little embers that, perhaps, will generate a devouring fire in the viewer. Only now to lead her, I directed the work towards what I may have always shaken: a theater of text, words, speech, poetry.

In April 2015, the company created its first show: Hamlet-machine by playwright and poet Heiner Müller. From then on, she carried out a series of actions on the territory: Fables de Lafontaine in EHPAD and retirement homes, workshops in Saint-Flour for children, teenagers and adults, amateur workshops in Bourg-Lastic. Since 2016, a small form is given, as well in apartment as room of spectacle: The apprenticeship of Jean-Luc Lagarce. In May and June 2017, is given to the Cours des 3 Coquins and Espace Nelson Mandela, his latest creation Gaspard by Peter Handke.

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